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Paramedics roll child down sidewalk to ER after ambulance breaks down

The paramedics pushed the child with cardiac problems on a gurney for two blocks to the hospital

By EMS1 Staff

HOUSTON — Paramedics rolled a child down the sidewalk to the hospital after their ambulance broke down.

Click2Houston reported that paramedics from the Houston Fire Department rolled the pediatric patient, who was having heart problems, on a gurney for two blocks to get to the hospital.

"Lost all power, had to push the stretcher and a working pediatric cardiac arrest two blocks down Fannin to Texas Children's Hospital," the paramedic said.

According to a source, the child’s condition was improving when they arrived at the hospital.

One of the paramedics said on Facebook that the city was informed of the malfunctioning ambulance earlier that day.

"(The) check engine light has been on for some time ...  shop has advised ...  to ignore it, diagnosing it as 'probably just the gas cap,’” the paramedic said in the Facebook post which he was allegedly advised to later take down.

"These guys were heroes, doing everything they can to save this kid," Patrick Lancton, president of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association said.

"The mayor is concerned about the safety of, and the equipment used by, all first responders and all other city employees, and for the safety of all Houstonians, including the person being transported today,” the mayor’s office said in response to the incident.

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