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Ambulance safety problems worry paramedics

Montreal paramedics say their new ambulances have stiff suspensions that can cause patients to be tossed around in the rear cabin

MONTREAL, Canada — Montreal's fleet of new ambulances — which could end up costing nearly $10 million — has an assortment of problems, paramedics say, not the least of which is that the vehicles' stiff suspensions can cause patients to be tossed around in the rear cabin.

That can lead to significant pain for people with fractures, aggravate injuries and inhibit paramedics from properly treating patients while an ambulance is in motion, they say.

The city's emergency medical technicians also complain the latest model of ambulance has too little leg- and headroom in the cab, and causes frustration because the electrical systems time off automatically after the engine is shut down.

Full story: Safety concerns beset new Montreal ambulances

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