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SpeedTech's K-Force series lightbars offer versatility, function

Ambulance lights designed to provide performance at affordable price point

By Scott M. Bruner
EMS1 Product Editor

With a wealth of options for emergency and ambulance lighting needs, it can be difficult to select the right units to suit your agency's needs. SpeedTech's K-Force series of ambulance light bars are one potential solution if you're looking for a lightbar that offers high-powered LED visibility and reliability.

"One of the biggest advantages for EMS with this lightbar is the money you'll save from downtimes and the ease of repair," Moss Abdullah, director of sales for SpeedTech, said. "Nowhere else can you find a 60-70-inch light bar in this price range which can offer these features."

Photo courtesy SpeedTechThe K-Force series lightbars are made with double-layer aluminum alloy boards to protect against weather and time.
Photo courtesy SpeedTechThe K-Force series lightbars are made with double-layer aluminum alloy boards to protect against weather and time.

The K-Force series is a third generation series of lightbars which utilize linear optic technology. SpeedTech offers the K-Force series in a number of sizes with different configurations, from the 27-inch, half-size model to 47, 55, and 63-inch versions to the 71-inch bar.

The 27-inch model is a simple minibar with just warning lights. Their base, 47-inch version, starts with 36 modules and each upgrade in size adds an additional four modules. The 71-inch version features 200 linear LEDs. Other than the minibar, all have the same full feature list, and come in a wide variety of emergency responder colors with 15 available flash patterns

Each standard set up comes with two alley lights, two takedown lights, and six LED traffic advisory lights built in the back. Designed to be plug-and-play friendly, the K-Force lightbars can be installed out of the box. They include all the necessary mounting attachments and hardware. They also come with a self-diagnosing STL Supreme Control Box to control the bar.

"There's only two failure points on the light bar, period. The Supreme Control switch box has a self-diagnostic ability which basically has an image of the full lightbar with LED indicators which can tell you whether you've left it on, what pattern you're running. It allows you to track down why a light isn't working," Abdallah said.

According to SpeedTech, one of the advantages of their K-Force series is not only the ability to quickly diagnose a problem, but also fix it. A module can be replaced simply by removing two screws on the lightbar.

"In 30 seconds you can fix this lightbar with anything that's wrong with it," Abdallah said.

The K-Force series lightbars are made with double-layer aluminum alloy boards. The standard warranty on the K-Force lightbars is three years, which covers all possible manufacturer defects. For an additional $125, the warranty can be extended to six years.

The 27-inch minibar is $434.95, the 47-inch light bar is $849.95, the 55-inch version is $999.95, the 63-inch is $1699 and the 71-inch is $1999.

SpeedTech is a supplier of emergency vehicle equipment for EMS, police, fire, and construction. In addition to lightbars, SpeedTech also provides deck and dash lights, grilles and surface mounts, sirens, speakers, and even mounting brackets. Their equipment is manufactured to include the most recent technologies, with a focus on providing high quality and innovative design. You can find them on the Web at www.speedtechlights.com.

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