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Video: Futuristic medic headset helps accelerate care

The Paramedic Pro Golden-I headset allows medics to relay and obtain patient information all hands-free

NOTTINGHAM, England — A futuristic headset computer has been unveiled that aims to help medics improve response times and be more efficient, all while being hands-free.

Crews will be able to wear the Paramedic Pro Golden-i headset – designed by Ikanos Conuslting -- and speak into it to record information and retrieve patient histories.

The device features video chat, audio recording and access to information at the point of care. With its built-in camera, the headset enables direct video communication between field EMS providers and A&E, so experts at a hospital can assess a situation and provide timely advice.

Medics will also be able to see needed information on a 15-inch display as well as a GPS system and maps function to relay estimated times of arrival to hospitals and scenes.

"In emergencies, every second counts – Paramedic Pro provides the communications and information that medics need to save time, and to deliver the best possible patient care,” said James Woodall, CEO at Ikanos Consulting.

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