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Webinar: Ensuring responder safety while responding to sudden cardiac arrest during COVID-19

Looking to safely treat SCA patients during a pandemic? We got you covered.

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It’s part of the EMS norm to expect the unexpected, but responding to a call about a patient with sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) amid COVID-19 can present unprecedented challenges. How do you make sure that your staff are properly protected from possible coronavirus exposure? How do you best treat patients with SCA during a pandemic?

Despite these challenges and questions, there’s plenty of opportunity and hope for providers who want to continue providing patient-centric care.

This free, on-demand webinar recording can offer helpful advice on handling SCA cases during a pandemic, as well as help you build more experience and knowledge in handling SCA calls.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Best practices on treating SCA patients during a pandemic.
  • How to ensure staff and patient safety while responding to SCA calls.
  • How Peel Regional Paramedic Service’s launched a High-Risk Response Team to assist frontline crews with high risk procedures during COVID-19 SCA.

Meet our speakers:

Joe Powell, EMS Chief, Rialto Fire Department

Joe Powell, MICP, EMSC, runs the transport and non-transport emergency medical services division of the Rialto Fire Department in California. Joe has been a member of Rialto Fire’s command staff for over 16 years and has been a practicing paramedic in San Bernardino County for over 30 years. Joe has been awarded two United States patents, and he continues to be a leader in innovative patient care. He currently sits on the Institutional Review Board for Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Joe and the Rialto Fire Department are presently piloting five prehospital care trial studies, and he has been published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine five times in the past three years.

Kevin Joles, Division Chief of EMS for Lawrence-Douglas County Fire-Medical

Kevin Joles, NREMT-P, is division chief of EMS for Lawrence-Douglas County Fire-Medical in Lawrence, Kansas. Before his position as chief, Kevin was captain of EMS operations and EMS training in the Olathe, Kansams, where he led clinical education for the city and collaboratively within the Johnson County EMS system. In his 24 years in emergency services, Kevin has found a passion for superior pre-hospital clinical care across the departments he has worked with.

Jim Kubinski, EMS Bureau Chief for the Naperville Fire Department

Jim Kubinski, NREMT-P, is EMS bureau chief for the Naperville Fire Department in Illinois. Jim is responsible for directing and managing the daily operations of the emergency medical services bureau for the department, including supervision of an EMS training assistant, drafting and implementing policies specific to the EMS bureau, supervision of all paramedics and first responders licensed through the Edward Hospital EMS system and Illinois Department of Public Health.

Justin Mausz, Advanced Care Paramedic, Peel Regional Paramedic Services

Justin Mausz is an Advanced Care Paramedic with Peel Regional Paramedic Services, a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact at McMaster University and a senior fellow with the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research. Justin is a clinician-scientist whose research focuses on the social and cultural determinants of paramedic mental health and wellbeing. He also worked as part of a task force in Peel Regional to develop the recently implemented COVID-19 High-Risk Response Team.

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