Junkin Folding Plastic Backboard - JSA- 366

(June, 2014) Rugged Bright Yellow polyethylene folding spineboard with twelve large hand holes for easy handling, built in runners, low profile and X-ray translucent. Four patient straps included.


Folded: 16” wide x 37-1/4” Long x 3” thickness
Unfolded: 16” wide x 74-1/4” Long x 1-3/4” thickness

Load Capacity: 375 lbs.

Junkin Safety Appliance Company
3121 Millers Lane
Louisville, KY 40216
502-775-8303   Fax 502-772-0548
Toll Free 1-888-458-6546
web site:  www.junkinsafety.com
e-mail junkinsafety@gmail.com

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