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March 2009 Product Round up: Medical Products

EMS1 is focusing on news and information about Medical Products throughout the month of March 2009. Check out some of these great products currently on the site:

Disclaimer: The products and companies in the below Round Up are sponsors of EMS1.com. Their inclusion in this article is for informational purposes only and does not represent an endorsement by EMS1 or its editorial staff.

GlideScope® Ranger Single Use Video Laryngoscope
The GlideScope® Ranger Video Laryngoscope consistently provides a clear view of the airway, enabling quick intubation. Designed to meet military specifications, the GlideScope® Ranger is a portable, compact and durable video laryngoscope, ideal for EMS. Operational in seconds, the device features a non-glare monitor that is easily visible in bright light, an anti-fog mechanism, and both single-use and reusable configurations. The Ranger is easy to use, learn and teach. Dependable in an array of field conditions, the rugged GlideScope® Ranger is ideal for prehospital and critical care situations. For more information, call 800-331-2313 or visit www.verathon.com.


MyClyns-First Response: Personal Protection
MyClyns contains a fast-acting solution with germ-killing action that is safe to use on all mucous membranes including eyes, ears, nose, mouth and open wounds. The MyClyns convenient pen-like design allows first responders to protect themselves immediately after exposure to harmful pathogens even while still caring for those in emergency situations. Since users can protect themselves immediately, they lower their risk associated with prolonged exposure when immediate clean-up is not an option. MyClyns is intended for use by police, fire, military, emergency medical personnel, healthcare providers, and homeland security personnel. Learn more at www.myclyns.com or call 859-384-4023.



Philips HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor from Philips
The HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor unites Philips’ industry-leading patient monitoring, superb diagnostic measurements, proven therapy capabilities, and CPR measurement and feedback in a lightweight and intuitive package designed to help emergency response teams save lives every day. It sports the largest display of any monitor/defibrillator available today. With the widest viewing angle and full-color display, which can be seen in any environment/lighting condition, users appreciate the ease and speed at which critical information is conveyed. Get more details at www.medical.philips.com or call 800-453-6860.



Agion® SilverClene24™ Cleaner from Bio Shield Technologies
SilverClene24 is an EPA-registered, market leading spray-on disinfectant and virucide that has been proven effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on surfaces. SilverClene24 is an alternative to typical phenol-, ammonium- and chlorine-based hard surface disinfectants typically used within the healthcare industry and sanitizes hard surfaces 20 times faster than other leading disinfectants. For more information, call 717-489-1728 or visit www.bioshieldtech.com.



The Vidacare EZ-IO® is a Complete Solution for Immediate Vascular Access
The EZ-IO® Intraosseous Infusion system is a complete solution for immediate vascular access in all patients larger than 3 kg. Used an estimated 160,000 times across the world the EZ-IO® is the leading choice for intraosseous access in all care environments from the ambulance to the hospital to battlefield and beyond, the EZ-IO® system is designed to help the medical professional gain vascular access in seconds to provide intravenous therapy to patients. Learn more by calling 866-479-8500 or visit www.vidacare.com.


For more information on Medical Products, visit the EMS1 Medical Products Category at www.ems1.com/ems-products/medical-products.

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