CATI’s CQB Armor will do more than just stop bullets

If you are law enforcement, security, or a first responder of any kind, you deserve two things: To be safe. And to be comfortable.

CATI Armor has what you deserve, all packaged up and ready to ship.

You’re out there pounding the streets day after day. Endless hours in the vehicle. Endless hours on your feet. Head constantly on a swivel, reporting and observing everything in sight, ready to respond at the hour of someone’s greatest need.

You do this to keep America safe and secure. The last thing you need to worry about is whether that kiss and hug you gave your loved ones before you went to work will be the last.

We get it. The job you do is selfless, and appreciation often goes unnoticed. You could find another job, but let’s face it – that wouldn’t be you. You could find some costly lightweight ceramic plates. But even if you did, they’re too bulky and you can’t wear them under your uniform. Steel armor is affordable, but you don’t need to come home with chronic back pain from having to wear heavy steel armor that simply doesn’t fit.

These problems are real, and they require solutions!!!

CATI Armor has the solution. It’s called the CQB (Comfort Quad Bend). This plate is the only steel armor that fits exactly to your body, helping to spread the weight comfortably across your chest. Because this technology is patent-pending, there is no other steel body armor on the market like this. It completely outshines all other steel armor of its kind in comfort. How did we accomplish this?

Simple. But first...if you look at multi-curve lightweight ceramic plates, you’ll see that they’re formed to fit to your chest. No one ever thought that you could form steel like ceramic. So, the result has always been uncomfortable steel armor plates that are flat and cylinder shaped. Nothing that serves you as a human being with curves.

The good news for you is...we figured it out! Just look at the picture above and you will see how our steel plate (on top) perfectly aligns with the lightweight ceramic plate (on bottom).

We spent tens of thousands of dollars researching and designing the right die configuration and the proper pressing procedures to bend the steel plate in a way that makes it comfortable – while maintaining its integrity and capability. All you need to know – is the final result was steel armor that is more comfortable, capable, and concealable – making it more effective than any other steel armor on the market.

You’ll be surprised to learn that when we introduced this product to the market, a lot of naysayers were trying to claim that by bending the steel, we were weakening it. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, HP White is about to implement a 3+ certification for all steel armor. Because we care about providing the best armor for the defenders of America, we already sent our Level 3+ CQB plates for a trial run for the future NIJ certification. And guess what? They shot our plates right at the bends and our plates easily stopped the rounds – instantly silencing all those naysayers.

What this means is that you can do what you do best, while wearing affordable steel armor that is comfortable, capable, and concealable. Don’t hesitate on getting your plates ordered today.

Right now we have no lead time, which means if you order today, your plates will ship within two days. In the past, we’ve had lead times ranging upwards of four weeks. So do not wait! You can be on your way to doing your job with comfort and peace of mind in less than two days from now. This is a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits that will last a lifetime because we guarantee our plates for life! You owe it to yourself and your loved ones who depend on you to come home each night.

Isn’t it time you treated yourself to comfortable body armor? Starting at only $99.99 for comfortable, capable, concealable 3+ armor. Order now at

The CATI Armor name originates from two distinct points in history. The first is the battle of Thermopylae in 480BC which is the famous battle of 300 Spartans against the Persian Empire, and the 2nd is the Battle of Gonzales Texas, in 1835. Both represent the spirit of protecting one's life, liberty and property, embodied with the slogan "Come and Take it!"

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