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Jury: Medic faked being gay to rape women

The 12-day trial ended with the medic convicted of one count of rape and four counts of sex abuse

By Sam Rkaina
The Mirror

SURRY, England — A predatory paramedic was warned he faces a long prison sentence today after a jury convicted him of rape and sex assault charges.

Creepy Christopher Bridger used a ruse that he was gay to get close to three women victims before attacking them when they were drunk after boozy nights out. One of the women he assaulted was passed out drunk in a hotel bed with her lesbian partner at the time the pervert struck.

The 25-year-old South East Coast Ambulance Service paramedic was found guilty of one count of rape and four other sex abuse charges following a 12-day trial at Guildford Crown Court, Surrey.

Full story: 'Predatory' paramedic who pretended he was gay to sexually assault women found guilty

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