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Video: Top 5 EMS oddities in 2012

This past 12 months saw a number of "what were they thinking" moments and strange calls for EMS that were caught on camera

Call it job security: EMS providers get called to all sorts of weird and bizarre calls every day across the country.

Here's some of the most notable EMS oddities,  "what were they thinking" moments and weird news highlights from 2012.

Man sets head on fire over bet 

A Georgia man was hospitalized in July after he had his friends set fire to his head on a bet at a local bar.



News anchors report 'Chicago Fire' plane crash as real

In December, a plane crash scene that was being shot for Chicago Fire was mistakenly reported by news anchors.


Passengers thrown during speeding boat accident

Footage, taken at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri in September, showed passengers being thrown back-and-forth like rag dolls after a powerboat plowed into a large wake at high speed. Though no one was seriosuly hurt, police hoped the video would warn others to take extra care. 


TV host sets magician's head on fire

An American magician was hospitalized in the Dominican Republic in December after a local television show host lit his head on fire with a flammable cologne.


Motorized scooters and elevators don't mix

Escalators and motorized wheelchairs just don't mix, a lesson a woman learned the hard way in South Boston in July.


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