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Boy who survived 3 years without brain dies

Nickolas Coke was born with a condition known as anencephaly

PUEBLO, Colo. — A Colo. boy who survived three years without a brain has died.

Nickolas Coke was born with only a brain stem, a condition known as anencephaly.

Sherri Kohut, Coke's grandmother, believes he caught a virus, which greatly affected his breathing, causing his death on Oct. 31.

Eventually Coke stopped breathing and three attempts to revive him failed, according to KOAA.

Most babies born with anencephaly typically are still born or live just a few days. Doctors said they did not expect Coke to live more than a few hours.

"He was our hero because he showed the strength, if I can do this, anything can be done," Kohut said. "He will always be remembered."

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