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Calif. man suing for emotional distress caused to his dogs by sirens

Joe and King begin incessant howling whenever ambulance with lights and siren activated goes by property

Editor's note: For those who haven't caught on, note the date of publication. Happy April Fools' Day! We hope you enjoyed our series of articles to mark April 1. Check out the full round-up here.

HOWLSBURY, Calif. — A man is suing an EMS agency for emotional distress caused to his dogs by ambulance sirens — and is looking to ban emergency vehicles from passing his house.

Jack Pott told his local newspaper in Calif. that the dogs — Joe and King — begin their incessant howling whenever an ambulance with lights and siren activated goes by his property.

"It's getting to the point where I'm worried that it's the dogs who will need the emergency treatment if this continues much longer," he said.

"I've tried phoning the department when this happens, so they can hear firsthand what Joe and King are going through — but they can't hear a word I'm saying."

To support the emotional distress claim, Pott filmed the dogs' "anguished cries"  when an ambulance went past his house last week.

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"It's the moment when Joe's voice actually breaks at the 18-second mark that really got me, and made me go ahead with the lawsuit," Pott said, tearfully.

When quizzed on the size of the claim, Pott said he hoped to receive at least $5,000 in damages.

"Joe and King love the open water, and I really feel they could do with a getaway after this turmoil," he said.

"About $5,000 should cover the costs of a Mediterranean cruise for them; while I'm not a big fan myself of that kind of thing, I really feel it's something all three of us should do together."

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