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Top 5 EMS videos of July 2013

Check out the top clips of the month

A football player is very lucky to be alive after a horrific accident on his motorcycle and dash-cam footage shows a scooter rider being run over by a large truck, but then emerging unscathed, feature in this month’s top EMS videos.

An ambulance company teamed up with a local rapper to come up with a catchy way to teach CPR and a nightclub is attempting to decrease the number of fatal accidents caused by drunk driving by developing a new urinal-based product that analyzes a person’s alcohol levels round out the most viewed clips in the EMS community for July.

Football player survives scary motorcycle wreck

Florida State tight end Nick O’Leary walks away after accident on May 2 in Tallahassee. 



Dash-cam video shows scooter rider crashing into truck

The scooter rider later re-appears, walking in front of the camera with the truck driver.


Rapper teams up with ambulance co. to teach CPR

It's a creative approach to helping people learn the life-saving procedure.


‘The Pee Analyzer’ combats drunk driving via urinals

If your alcohol level is above the legal limit, the card is tagged and a message displayed above the urinal.


Woman’s suicide attempt mistaken for Comic-Con stunt

People began screaming and calling 911 after police tried to negotiated the woman into not taking her life. 


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