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Video: Drunk man falls on tracks, gets robbed then run over

Ten minutes after being left to die, the front five metres of an oncoming train can be seen crushing the prone figure

The Local

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Instead of helping a man who had passed out on a subway track inStockholm, a passer-by chose to rob the unconscious victim before leaving him to be run over by a train.

“This shows an unusual ruthlessness,” said Peter Brottman of the South Stockholm police to daily Aftonbladet. The victim, referred to in the Swedish media as Johnny, 38, was returning home after a drunken night out on the town with his friends when he fell down on the tracks at Sandsborg metro station south of Stockholm.

Shortly thereafter he was robbed of all his valuables and left on the tracks before being run over by an oncoming train.  Despite sustaining serious injuries, Johnny nevertheless survived the accident, as only five metres of the train actually ran him over.  “He had amazing luck, really. The train came from the other direction and the driver managed to see him and pull the emergency brakes,” Brottman told Aftonbladet.

Full Story: Man hit by train after robber leaves him to die

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