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Dispute over ambulance service leads to delayed response times

A disagreement led to a response time of over an hour for a call about chest pain

By EMS1 Staff

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — An ongoing dispute between EMS providers is causing delayed responses to calls.

KRISTV reported that a disagreement between Annaville Fire and Corpus Christi Fire led to a response time of over an hour for a call about chest pain. An Annaville unit was closer, but a city unit responded.

"That's not putting safety first and the safety of our citizens first," Councilwoman Carolyn Vaughn said.

The disagreement is part of a bigger problem between the fire union and EMS providers. They have co-existed for years, but an issue recently arose when the Flour Bluff Fire Department, another station in Corpus Christi, added an ambulance service. The fire union legally put a halt on the service, which hasn’t responded to calls since December.

Annaville Chief Michael Clack said the issues that occurred over disputed calls have been resolved.

No formal complaint has been filed.

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