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Ambulance service under investigation after patient death

A man's son died of cardiac arrest in Dec. after records show that a crew waited 5 to 6 minutes before leaving the station

By Matt Grant

NAPLES, Fla. - The Collier County manager is investigating an ambulance delay uncovered by Fox 4, according to the a county commissioner's office.

"We lost a life here, a human life," said Charles Minard. "And to me, at this point, I feel like a human life is not worth much here in Collier county."

Fox 4's efforts to get Minard answers, after his son died from a cardiac arrest on Dec. 14, has been stonedwalled and ignored by Collier County EMS since we began asking questions two weeks ago. Our review of documents shows an ambulance crew waited 5-6 minutes before leaving the station after they were dispatched to the Minard's home 3.5 miles away.

Full story: County manager investigating Collier ambulance delay

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