If nothing else, at least Detroit EMS has blankets

Even in hard financial times, innovation and leadership can go a long way in making things work, but those seem in short supply in Detroit

Editor’s Note:

Editor's note: Donors all over the world are sending blankets to a Detroit paramedic after news broke that he was being punished for giving a blanket to a cold fire victim.

Last week I sat on this very sorry story involving Detroit EMS and its attempt to discipline a medic who apparently was providing care to a patient.

Regular readers know that I've commented on the Motor City's inability to get their priorities straight and provide the compassionate, professional care its citizens deserve.

Reading last week's headlines, I was so irritated that after trying to write out an editorial that didn't contain several epithets, I gave up. And I'm glad I did — it appears that many people were irked by the way the city dealt with the issue and a spontaneous protest of sorts has provided support to the medic involved.

That's what I love about our industry: its ability to stand up for what's right for the patient and calling out BS when necessary.

I wish we could send them things like ambulances, equipment and a large bolus of common sense, since that's really what they need. It's really not rocket science.

Even in hard financial times, innovation and leadership can go a long way in making things work. Apparently those two items are in short supply at Detroit EMS.

At least they have blankets.

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Art Hsieh, MA, NRP teaches in Northern California at the Public Safety Training Center, Santa Rosa Junior College in the Emergency Care Program. An EMS provider since 1982, Art has served as a line medic, supervisor and chief officer in the private, third service and fire-based EMS. He has directed both primary and EMS continuing education programs. Art is a textbook writer, author of "EMT Exam for Dummies," has presented at conferences nationwide and continues to provide direct patient care regularly. Art is a member of the EMS1 Editorial Advisory Board. Contact Art at Art.Hsieh@ems1.com and connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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