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Crew resource management applied to presentations

One can observe Crew Resource Management techniques in action when a team of experts presents on the topic

Bruce Evans, Jeff Dyar, and Paul LeSage successfully co-presented Crew Resource Management (CRM): Trapping Errors and Building Crew Integrity last Friday at Fire-Rescue Med 2011. In my opinion it is more challenging to prepare and present as a team than as an individual. This group of CRM experts certainly applied CRM principles to prepare and deliver their training program. Educators and training officers often times find themselves in co-presenting situations. These are my tips for successfully co-presenting:

1. Assign specific start and stop points for each presenter and build cues into the presentation so both the audience and the speakers recognize transition points.

2. Use a single PowerPoint file with the same design template so you don’t waste valuable time loading a new slide deck.

3. Limit responses to audience questions to the primary presenter speaking. If each presenter responds to a question it is unlikely additional information will be provided and valuable presentation is used.

4. Unite the presentation with a concept or conceptual model that each speaker builds upon or helps clarify for the audience. This presentation featured a communications model that was referred to by each speaker.

5. If you are not the featured presenter at any given point, but expect to stand and answer an audience question, stay seated near the front so you can quickly rise and address the audience if needed.

Finally, when presentation duties are divided choose to either present the area you are strongest or challenge yourself to present the portion of the topic you need to improve.

What are your tips for co-presenting?


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