New Castle County EMS - New Castle, Delaware

Jan 6, 2023

Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2023

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$51,886 - $80,492 ($10,000 signing bonus) annual

Job Description

++GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES++: Administers basic and advanced life support measures in accordance with established policies and procedures; provides transportation to victims of medical or traumatic emergencies to a medical facility; participates in other forms of emergency care and medical rescue as needed; does related work as required.

++DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS++: An employee in this class performs highly responsible work involving the delivery of out-of-hospital basic and advanced life support services by responding to scenes of medical and traumatic emergencies, evaluating patients, and providing safe transportation to an appropriate medical facility with continuous care. Additional duties include the daily inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the assigned emergency vehicle, supplies, and equipment with minor housekeeping duties as required. This employee must be capable of performing advanced life support procedures defined by the State of Delaware paramedic scope of practice, and not undertaken by emergency medical technicians, through written standing orders and protocols, or through direct contact with a medical control physician via telephone and/or radio communications. Candidates with appropriate credentials as determined by New Castle County and the State of Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services and the State Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline, or its designee, may be exempt from the requirement of completing the Delaware Paramedic Education Program provided they achieve the required State certification within the probationary period. Work is performed under general supervision.

++EXAMPLES OF WORK++: (Illustrative only)

  • Responds to requests for emergency medical assistance and assumes responsibility for assessment and treatment of patients consistent with departmental procedures, State-wide standard treatment protocols and standing orders, and instructions provided by a medical control physician;
  • Lifts, carries, and transports sick, injured, or incapacitated persons from residential and commercial properties and accident scenes to medical facilities while providing constant observation and care as indicated or directed;
  • Performs detailed inspection of an assigned emergency vehicle and facility and ensures that the facility, vehicle, equipment, and supplies are clean, orderly, and in good working order;
  • Performs invasive medical procedures under delegated medical practice of a physician including venipuncture, airway management techniques such as endotracheal intubation, administration of intravenous fluids, and approved medications and defibrillation;
  • Operates a two-way radio, bio-telemetry module, and other communications equipment for contact with medical facilities;
  • Provides verbal, written, and/or computer generated reports pertaining to observations regarding condition and care of patient while at the emergency scene and in transit, to include preparing appropriate follow-up reports;
  • May provide testimony in court or through deposition regarding observations and performance of job activities;
  • Participates in ongoing training sessions, critiques, and conferences to include review of cases;
  • Communicates with patients, family members, other responding agencies, and professional medical personnel to ensure that all needs of the patient are addressed in an efficient and caring manner;
  • Completes appropriate recertification, continuing education programs, and examinations necessary to maintain State of Delaware paramedic certification;
  • Promotes an ongoing attitude of dedication to excellent public service and ensures that external and internal customers are provided with the highest quality of service;
  • Operates a personal computer, and other related equipment in the course of the work.

Additional Information

++REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES++: Comprehensive knowledge of and skill in basic and advanced life support procedures; good knowledge of physiology for diagnostic purposes; good knowledge of techniques used in providing emergency treatment; ability to operate basic and advanced life support equipment; ability to recognize lethal dysrhythmias; ability to assess patient care needs; ability to make accurate decisions under extreme stress; ability to instruct and coordinate subordinates and lay persons; ability to perform advanced airway procedures such as endotracheal intubation and insertion of alternate airways; ability to administer intravenous fluids and approved medications; ability to perform venipuncture; ability to maintain State of Delaware Paramedic certification; ability to communicate courteously and effectively, both verbally and in writing; ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; skill in minor maintenance of emergency vehicles and equipment; ability to establish working relationships with medical personnel, coworkers, and the general public; demonstrated proficiency to safely operate a vehicle on the road in emergency situations at high speed and under regular conditions; ability to recognize hazardous environment and conditions and to take corrective action; excellent driving record and moral character; ability to meet standards of eligibility as determined by a background investigation which may include an oral interview; ability to demonstrate a high degree of dependability; ability to perform as part of a team.

++MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS++: At least three (3) years experience in the operation of automotive equipment, possession of a High School Diploma or GED certificate, and successful completion of a County-approved advanced life support paramedic training program (candidates with appropriate credentials as determined by the County, the Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services and State Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline, or its designee, may be exempt from the requirement of completing the Delaware Paramedic Education Program provided they provide verification of possession of the required certifications and achieve the requirements for State paramedic certification within the probationary period, which may include a written examination); or an equivalent combination of education, experience and training directly related to the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: Graduate of a CoAEMSP accredited paramedic program and certification with NREMT
  • Experience: Any

++ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS++: Ability to pass a Class 1b County physical examination. Weight should be proportionate to height; successful completion of a pre-employment medical examination and a psychological examination; successful completion of a background investigation; minimum uncorrected vision must be 20/200 in each eye, with 20/30 corrected vision in each eye; must be free from color blindness; possession of a valid Delaware Class D driver's license or its equivalent; ability to obtain or verify the required certifications within the designated time allowed.

Contact Information

Michael McColley

New Castle County EMS
3601 N. Dupont Highway
New Castle, Delaware 19720
phone: 302-395-8170

How to Apply

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