Paramedic and EMT Positions Available

Canyon county paramedics - Nampa, Idaho

Oct 18, 2017

Application Deadline:
Dec 30, 2020

Salary Information

Job Description

Paramedic and EMT Positions available at all locations located in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.

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Employer provides:

  • Experience based pay

  • 4 Blue Cross Blue Shield plan options starting as low as $15.00 per month

  • Free Education

  • Bonus Incentive Opportunities

Basic EMT Responsibilities:

  1. Performs pre-hospital duties in compliance with all state EMS rules and regulations, license appropriate.
  2. Transports sick and/or injured patients to or between appropriate medical facilities and/or residence.
  3. Actively participates in the safe delivery of patient care and maintains a safe environment for all patients.
  4. Responds professionally and promptly to instructions from a variety of sources, such as, dispatchers and supervisors.
  5. Maintains confidentiality of all patients, employees, corporate records, and patient records in accordance with current HIPAA guidelines.
  6. Safely operates and assists in the maintenance of company owned vehicles as required.
  7. Performs daily vehicle maintenance check and cleans both the inside and outside of assigned unit on a daily basis.
  8. Replenishes medical equipment and supplies as needed.
  9. Monitors and properly operates all communications equipment to ensure efficient, constant, and appropriate contact with the communications department.
  10. Responds to all requests for service in an optimal manner and the priority of response when directed by the dispatcher.
  11. Works expediently to ensure availability of resources in order to maximize utilization and productivity.
  12. Demonstrates flexibility, as patient needs change and the ability to communicate the need for additional assistance when necessary. Assesses the nature and extent of patients’ injuries or illness and establish treatment consistent with state licensure and protocols.
  13. Produces accurate, legible, and complete documentation on all runs.
  14. Administers medical treatment in a caring and compassionate manner thus promoting positive public relations for our company and the EMS profession.
  15. Is receptive to medical control facilities’ judgment regarding treatment of patients and follows their judgment.
  16. Be able to communicate all pertinent patient information to medical personnel directly involved with patient care in compliance with local protocols and in accordance with State Department of Public Services and HIPAA Guidelines.
  17. Abide by our company-wide current Bloodborne Pathogen Plan.
  18. May assist in various duties including but not limited to:
    • Controlling crowds
    • Protecting valuables
    • Assisting medical personnel in emergencies at medical facilities by initiating BLS procedures as defined by the State Department of Public Services and under the direction of a physician
  19. Exhibits excellent customer service skills and behaviors toward internal and external customers and co-workers.
  20. Adheres to department customer service and performance standards.
  21. Demonstrates personal commitment to the Organization’s core values through active involvement in the performance improvement process.
  22. Demonstrates safe work practices and attitudes, follows safety rules, works to prevent unsafe conditions and behaviors, and participates in organizational and departmental safety programs.
  23. Carries out other duties as assigned.

Specialist Responsibilities - All of the above responsibilities plus the following:

  1. Provides appropriate patient care as defined by local protocols and the State Department of Public Services Guidelines including but not limited to endotracheal intubation and intravenous cannulation while assisting the attending paramedic with patient care.
  2. May attend on intra-facility transfers at the BLS level per local protocols.
  3. Must drive for ALL ALS transports unless municipal personnel are available to drive and assistance is required with patient care during transport.
  4. May assist with ALS procedures within the scope of their licensure as defined by ODPH and local protocols
  5. Restock, reassemble, clean, and decontaminate the equipment and vehicle after every transport. Exception to this responsibility exist only when the Specialists attends during patient transport.

Paramedic Responsibilities - All of the above responsibilities plus the following:

  1. Drive or attend as defined above and as dictated by local protocols and State Department of Public Services Guidelines.
  2. Perform all advanced procedures required during treatment and transport unless assisted by a licensed Intermediate EMT or Advanced EMT.

Additional Information


    • Licensed as an EMT-B, EMT-S, or EMT-P by the State Division of Emergency Medical Services and maintained in good standing. 
    • Must possess a current American Heart Association CPR certification and maintain in good standing. 
    • EMT-P employees must also posses a current American Heart Association ACLS certification, maintained in good standing. 
    • Must possess a valid State Driver's License (in the State you are applying in), and be eligible for driving privileges based on current company policies and procedures

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: Diploma or GED
  • Experience: 1 Month

Contact Informaton

Samantha Pritchard

Canyon county paramedics
1177 S Barberry Pl
Nampa, Idaho 83686
phone: 3303427622

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