Lead EMT Instructor/Coordinator

National EMS Institute - Attleboro, Massachusetts

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Salary Information

Entry Level:
$20 hourly

Job Description

The employee occupying this position will work in cooperation with the Director of Hybrid Learning/BLS Director to deliver EMT instruction by teaching classes, conducting small-group tutoring sessions, conducting skills practice and scenario-based patient management drills, developing lesson plans, and assisting training officers in the delivery of EMS education.


The Instructor/Coordinator’s duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

· Exhibit an uncompromising commitment to NEI as a learning-centered institution through the Institution’s mission, vision, values, core skills and learning outcomes, and delivery of instruction and services.

· Provide leadership and maintain a climate of open communication and teamwork.

· Follows lesson plans and lesson maps for a variety of EMS topics, especially those designated as focus areas for regular skills training; helps promote standardized approaches to common EMS responses by making such lesson plans and skills drill strategies available for all NEI instructors.

· Conducts skills evaluation labs and patient management simulation scenarios; documents student performance and recommends improvement strategies where performance deficits are identified.

· Provides or assists with specialty courses such as AHA CPR and Emergency Medical Responder.

· Documents all training activities conducted, including entering rosters of participants and records of students’ performance into NEI-approved databases.

· Responsible to ensure all Training Assistants adhere to their schedules and report deviations to the management team.

· Responsible to ensure Training Assistants and Students report in the required uniform.

· Perform other duties as assigned by the Management Team.


· Provide direct student instruction in the classroom as assigned by the management team.

· Assure that all classes meet as scheduled and appropriate make up time is achieved if class is missed due to weather.

· Ensure all classes use practical labs, ambulance, and apartment during class time.

· Instruct a minimum of two Continuing Education course per year.

· Be available and willing to cover additional courses for make up, vacation, and sick days.

Supervision and Management

· Supervise the teaching assistants while at your campus.

· Manage the campus to the fullest ensuring it is sanitary, organized, and ready for use each and every day.


· Prepare and submit paperwork prior to the schedule State Practical exam for review by the management team.

· Attend State Exams for your scheduled class.

· Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

  • Age: N/A
  • Education: EMT I/C Certification
  • Experience: 2 Years of Patient Care Experience
Required Qualifications

• Certification as an NREMT Emergency Medical Technician.

• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

• Be a licensed Emergency Medical Technician in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

• Be a certified EMS Instructor/Coordinator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Contact Informaton

Vicky McMorrow

National EMS Institute
Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703
phone: 800-497-67320x22

How to Apply

Please email a copy of your resume to Vicky McMorrow at vverrier@rapidsafety.com.

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