Acadian Ambulance Paramedic

Acadian Ambulance Services Inc, - Beaumont, Texas

Sep 2, 2020

Application Deadline:
Sep 3, 2027

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$45,000 annual

Job Description

To provide appropriate, efficient and timely pre-hospital Advanced, Intermediate and

Basic Life Support care and transportation of the sick and injured in accordance with

local, state national, and Acadian Ambulance standards of practice.

The ability to maintain all appropriate certifications and licensure regarding driving and

the performance of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Life Support procedures. The

ability to drive in normal and adverse conditions. Skilled in the use of maps. Excellent

knowledge of the rules of driving for emergency and non-emergency situations. The

ability to think and act quickly and responsibly in stressful situations. Excellent

knowledge of common physical illnesses, minor and acute emergencies, and the

symptoms of each. Skillful in the performance of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Life

Support emergency and non-emergency procedures and in the use of all equipment

maintained on an ambulance. The ability to perform and act professionally as outlined

in the standards of Acadian Ambulance Service. The ability to communicate effectively

both in writing and verbally with a good knowledge of medical terminology. Skilled in

the use of electronic communication devices, computers, radios, etc. The ability to deal

sympathetically with patients and others. The ability to act professionally with other

employees, emergency service providers, healthcare workers, and the general public.

Excellent knowledge of Company policy and procedures and the ability to perform to

those standards

Additional Information

Educational requirements:

Completion of High School education with successful graduation or Graduation

Equivalency Diploma; certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic by

the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians; Certification by the Louisiana

Bureau of EMS as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic; certification as a

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care Provider by the American

Heart Association; certification as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider by the

American Heart Association; licensed driver in the State of Louisiana maintaining a

Louisiana Class "D" driver's license. Additional certifications in NALS, PALS, PHTLS,

PEEP, and other specialized categories of care are desired and beneficial but not

required for this position at this time.

Machines or equipment used in this job:

Ambulance; stretcher; folding stretcher; scoop stretcher; long and short spineboards

and KED; spinal immobilization equipment; radios and computerized communications

equipment; pager; splinting devices; suction devices; bandaging materials; oxygen

bottles and tubings; basic and advanced airway management devices; Glucometer;

intravenous fluid therapy equipment; cardiac monitor/defibrillator; pulse oximeter; fire

extinguisher; simple extrication devices; simple mechanics tools; pneumatic anti-shock

garment; blood pressure cuff and stethoscope; patient restraints; simple traction

devices; other medical and related equipment items not specifically listed may be added

as new items are introduced.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18+
  • Education: Texas State Paramedic
  • Experience: any

Contact Informaton

Casey Sullivan

Acadian Ambulance Services Inc,
Beaumont, Texas 77701
phone: 4099807712

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