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Salary Information

57000 annual

Job Description


A. Title: Paramedic

B. Customary Work Hours: 24 hour shifts with possibility of 12 hour shifts

 a. Shift Assignment: work the work week schedule aligned with the shift they are assigned. Hours vary based on 
 schedule and location..  Personnel in Per Diem Status are required to be available for 96 hours each calendar quarter.

C. Minimum Qualifications:

 a. 21 Years of Age

 b. High School Diploma or GED

D. Educational and/or Experience Requirements:

 a. California Licensed Paramedic

 b. Current LEMSA Accreditation- Can be obtained during Academy or FTO time.

 c. Valid California Driver’s License

 d. Valid Ambulance Driver’s License

 e. Valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate

 f. Valid CPR Card

G. Licenses and/or Certifications Required:

 Upon appointment: Will be a licensed Paramedic, fulfilling all of the requirements of the Paramedic Job Description.

Within 6 months of appointment will complete:

 a. ICS 100

 b. ICS 200

 c. IS 700

 d. Hazmat FRO

 e. ACLS

 f. PALS or PEPP



The Paramedic is an individual who is educated and trained in all aspects of pre-hospital advanced life support; whose scope of practice to provide advanced life support is in accordance with the standards prescribed by Title 22 of the Health and Safety Code, and who has a valid license pursuant to Title 22.


Will possess the skills, knowledge and experience needed to function in the business setting.

Will be knowledgeable in the operation of a medical transportation service, emergency and non-emergency, and be able to work in harmony with other departments.

Able to handle stress, emotionally stable, and able to react competently in an emergency situation.

Must possess a high level of integrity.

Will possess and utilize interpersonal skills and leadership abilities so that the result is:

a.     Desired patient outcome

b.    Perceived patient and employee satisfaction.

Will have the ability to exercise initiative and independent judgment in the performance of tasks.

Will possess the knowledge of record keeping principles and procedures.

Will be skilled communicating clearly, concisely and effectively, both orally and in writing.

Meets the physical requirement necessary to perform assigned duties in a safe and effective manner for self and others.

Willing to occasionally change working hours or work overtime.

Willing to be On-Call for all Natural or Man-made Disasters.


  1. Respond as assigned to Emergency and non-Emergency calls for service.
  2. Assess patients taking into account the age related, physiological, emotional and cognitive needs of the patient.

  3. Responsible for carrying out the mission of the Department and adherence to the organization’s values.

  4. Performs patient interventions, within the scope of practice and in accordance with regional policies and procedures, to treat patient problems or monitor for potential problems.

  5. Maintains a working orientation of major streets and locations.

  6. Maintains appropriate radio communications with the Dispatch Center and other agencies, utilizing clear text at all times.

  7. Participates in ambulance demonstrations to the general public, groups or civic organizations.

  8. Functions as a preceptor for students as needed.

  9. Functions as a Field Training Officer if assigned.

  10. Performs vehicle inventory/inspection within 2 hours of assigned shift start time.

  11. Performs narcotics inventory within 1 hours of assigned shift start time.

  12. Performs station chores on a daily basis.

  13. Assures ambulance and equipment is cleaned at start of shift and kept clean during remainder of shift.

  14. Completes all paperwork during assigned shift, and in accordance with State Law and LEMSA requirements.

  15. Communicates with oncoming crews regarding issues specific to assigned station/vehicle.

  16. Monitor Safe Work Practices/Bio-hazard issues in the work place.

  17. Foster improved relations between Butte EMS, area hospitals and allied agencies.

  18. Other duties as assigned.

Environmental Conditions:

Working conditions in the office/station are clean, well lit and free from extremes of temperature and humidity.

Working conditions in the field are subject to extreme variations in temperature, humidity and can include high winds and rain.

Incumbent may occasionally be required to work on slippery or uneven surfaces and near areas where fire or hazardous chemicals are present.

Job Requirements

  • Age: Minimum Age 21
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED with Current Paramedic Licence
  • Experience: No previous experience required

Contact Informaton

Melody Brown

PO BOX 2183
CHICO, California 95927
phone: 1 530 879 5535

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