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Wake County EMS - Raleigh, North Carolina

Application Deadline:

Salary Information

12.32 - 23.29

Job Description

Paramedics are the primary provider of prompt, compassionate, and clinically excellent emergency medical care to the sick and injured citizens of and visitors to Wake County.

Paramedics are responsible for the operation of emergency vehicles, biomedical equipment and other equipment necessary to provide patient and situational assessment, treatment and transport in an emergency setting. Paramedics are required to effectively interact and communicate with individuals and groups of individuals from all education levels, cultural backgrounds, belief structures, and states of health. Paramedics are also responsible for performing routine cleaning and basic maintenance of equipment, facilities and vehicles. They will also participate in community outreach and public education opportunities.

A successful candidate is someone with a high level of communication and problem solving skills that either currently holds a North Carolina Paramedic certification or is eligible to receive a North Carolina paramedic certification. This candidate is expected to understand scene management and be able to effectively operate within an Incident Command System. The successful candidate will also be able to demonstrate the ability to calmly and effectively work in high stress and emotionally charged situations.

Key Responsibilities:

• Perform advanced life support skills utilizing liberal standing order protocols to guide patient care

• Provide comfort and compassion to patients and family

• Interview and assess patients, family members and bystanders to assist in the development of a patient care plan

• Lift and carry equipment, stretchers and patients to facilitate response to and transport of patients

• Safely and respectfully operate an emergency vehicle

• Respond to requests for service whenever and wherever needed to include all times of day and all types of weather

• Complete documentation through patient care reporting systems, electronic and paper based logs, reporting software and databases

• Effectively and efficiently utilize technology such as in-vehicle navigation, laptop computers, biomedical equipment, computer aided dispatch, online education portals, high-fidelity simulators, etc.

• Regularly inventory and restock equipment and vehicles

• Maintain cleanliness of equipment, vehicles and facilities

• Decontaminate and disinfect equipment and vehicles

• Effectively and respectfully communicate through written, oral and visual means with all individuals and groups of individuals

• Effectively work while wearing a variety of different personal protective equipment to include turnout gear, chemical protective clothing and respiratory protection

• Effectively work as an individual and as a member of a team

• Regularly attend and participate in training

 Other responsibilities include: 

• Participation in community outreach and public education events

• Participation in various department specific committees regarding decisions on protocols, equipment, vehicles, uniforms, etc.

• Precept students from paramedic programs locally and nationwide on their clinical rotations

Additional Information

Required:  Certification as a North Carolina Paramedic or eligible to receive a North Carolina Paramedic certification prior to employment start date. A valid driver's license and a "safe" driving record required.

All new Wake County EMS employees are required to attend a 7 week academy as a condition of their employment. Select applicants from the current application period will be invited to an Assessment Center in the first 2 weeks of May.  Those offered employment from the May 2017 Assessment Center will begin employment in July 2017 and attend the Wake County EMS July 2017 Academy.  

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18

Key Capabilities:

• Ability to understand and practice our mission statement of Prompt, Compassionate, Clinically Excellent Care

• Able to identify chief complaint(s) and or issues, obtain relevant information from the patient, their family or care taker(s), bystanders/citizens, or other sources and identify alternative solutions if necessary. Ability to be proactive.

• Knowledge of and the ability to use effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions and/or reaching conclusions. Ability to take action consistent with available facts, constraints, and anticipated consequences. 

• Able to develop and maintain strong relationships with patients, family members, and bystanders/citizens. This is accomplished by listening to and understanding identified medical complaints or needs. Then responding appropriately with clear, concise information in a way that they understand what is being said.

• Must be able to actively participate as a member of a team

• Ability to build, develop and maintain ongoing, collaborative and effective relationships with coworkers, fellow responders (firefighters and police), physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers in order to encourage and support communication and teamwork.

• Able to deal with others in difficult and complex situations. Using appropriate interpersonal skills and methods to reduce tension and resolve conflict. Conferring with others to explore alternatives and reach resolutions or an outcome that gains the support and acceptance of all parties.

• Able to function in a physically demanding environment, requiring strength, flexibility and endurance.

• Knowledge of effective Safety and Health Management policies and procedures. Ability to contribute to a culture of safety for everyone, ie. coworkers, supervisors, patients and bystanders/citizens and to ensure that work processes are free from safety and health hazards.

• Ability to understand the impact and implications of decisions on the community and other departments.

• Ability to lead and guide others to develop new skills or knowledge that will enhance their work

• Ability to be relied upon to ensure that projects/tasks within areas of responsibility are completed in a timely manner. Able to monitor programs and/or activities and take corrective action when necessary.

• Ability to follow instructions through a standard work process. Able to perform routine tasks and check work for accuracy before completion of tasks

• Ability to maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment. Able to adjust effectively to work within the new environment.

• Ability to maintain social, ethical, and organizational norms. Firmly adhering to codes of conduct and ethical principles. 

• Ability to recognize and respect the value of individual differences at all levels of the organization.  

Contact Informaton

Jeffrey Hammerstein

Wake County EMS
331 S. McDowell St.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
phone: (919) 856-6579

How to Apply

All applications are received online at Wakegov.com Human Resources page: wakegov.com/employment

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