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Executive Director

Operations Manager or Director
Middlebury Regional EMS - Middlebury, Vermont

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Job Description

Organization Mission Description: MREMS is a Vermont nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with public charity status. MREMS provides emergency medical services, emergency communications, medical education, and community outreach to ten Addison County towns, covering 400 square miles and 18,000 citizens. It further provides mutual aid support and paramedic intercept services to Bristol Rescue, Vergennes Area Rescue, and Brandon Area Rescue. It employs over 50 full and part time staff and volunteers, and has an annual operating budget of approximately $1 million. Job Description: The ED leads MREMS employees in the accomplishment of its mission, which includes operations, finance, facilities, equipment, people, and public relations. The ED is responsible to a Board of Directors (BoD) and works to assure that BoD can discharge its governance functions. The ED works in concert with the BoD to develop and achieve the MREMS strategic goals and objectives.

Additional Information

Specific Roles and Responsibilities: Operations Serve as chief medic for MREMS. Assure that crews are organized, trained, and equipped to respond to a foreseeable range of emergency events. Maintain medical currency in order to participate as a crew member when necessary. Assure that a qualified EMS team and equipment are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If necessary, personally fill-in for ambulance scheduling gaps. Organize, train, and equip a communications center capable of emergency dispatch as well as switchboard and paging service to Porter Hospital and its doctors. Assure that MREMS operates in compliance with all governing federal and state regulations Finance Maintain an accounting system that accurately depicts MREMS financial and physical resources. Maintain a regular conversance with the financial health of MREMS. With the BoD, develop an annual budget and maintain compliance with it. With the BoD, develop and execute an annual fundraising strategy and campaign. With the BoD, develop a savings and investment strategy that assures lifetime capability to recapitalize facilities and equipment, and execute on mission. Assure that patient billing is accomplished expeditiously and that delinquencies do not languish. Assure that MREMS bills are paid on time and accounts with outside organizations are kept in good standing. Assure that monies are used in accordance with the intentions by which they were accrued and the policies established by the BoD. Facilities Assure that the facility is kept in top condition and that savings are invested to recapitalize parts or all of the current facility. Assure that the facility is available to others as needed, on a reimbursement policy to be recommended by the ED and approved by the BoD. Assure that the lease for the land is paid and kept current. Equipment Assure a suitable mix of vehicles are kept in top operating condition in order to meet mission needs 100% of the time. Assure ambulances are properly stocked with current medicines, medical supplies, and properly operating medical equipment. Assure that mission support equipment, especially fixed and mobile communications, training equipment, and vehicle and facility maintenance equipment are kept in good working order. Maintain inventory for all medical and non-medical equipment owned by MREMS, to include management information systems, office equipment, furnishings, and any other support equipment. Acquire non-emergency medical and other budgeted supplies for routine operations. Assure that all equipment, especially ambulances, is properly depreciated and planned for replacement at the conclusion of an acceptable life-cycle. People Create and sustain a safe and positive environment for all MREMS members, fully compliant with all state and federal guidelines and regulations. Recruit and retain sufficient numbers of staff and volunteers to accomplish the mission, in accordance with the budget and BoD policies, guidance, and approval. Revitalize volunteer attractiveness and ethos. Organize the staff for maximum effectiveness and efficiency in accomplishment of the mission. Supervise and direct all employees, including volunteers, within a chain of supervision approved by the BoD. Maintain appropriate personnel records for the same. Investigate complaints, arbitrate disputes, and exercise disciplinary authority within the chain of supervision. Curtail inappropriate behavior, recommend and/or administer verbal and written reprimands, and recommend suspension or termination review to the BoD for approval. Assure the training of all employees to meet applicable regulations and guidelines. Create and maintain training records for each employee and continuously evaluate each member’s ability to perform to skill level on task. Develop an annual training schedule that considers all employees, obtain the resources necessary to execute such training, and organize training activities in order to assure completion. Maintain liaison with the Medical Advisor. Communicate effectively and in a timely manner with all members of MREMS. Create and maintain an atmosphere of maximum transparency. Public Relations Assure that MREMS maintains healthy relations with all outside professional organizations with which it interfaces, especially Porter Hospital, other hospitals, other ambulance services, fire departments, police departments, and any other first response activity. Respond to the public, especially patients, citizens, and donors. Serve as principal spokesperson for MREMS to media, business, and governmental organizations, especially the selectboards of the ten towns served by MREMS. Maintain a web and social media presence that presents MREMS in the best possible light, with focus on the employees and quality of care. Join the Vermont Ambulance Association and attend their meetings. Administration Oversee all activities associated with the development, implementation, and maintenance of Medicare, HIPAA, and OSHA compliance programs. Assure that the board is kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it. Attend and participate in all BoD meetings. Prepare BoD members for meetings by submitting financial statements, a director’s report, an operations report, and other reports as designated. Account to the BoD for all areas of personnel administration, including time, pay, performance, and development. Prepare for and attend the monthly District 7 Ambulance meeting with the medical director and other first response agencies in Addison County. Minimum Education, Experience and Certification Requirements:
  • Nationally-certified EMT license, paramedic level preferred.
  • Relevant field experience, with supervisory and administrative skills demonstrated in a similar position preferred.
  • Demonstrable organizational, financial, training, human relations, and communications skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree, or a combination of experience and education from which comparable education has been acquired.
Minimum Physical Requirements
  • Standing, bending, and ability to lift at least 40 pounds
  • Mobility
  • Exposure to weather
  • Exposure to medical conditions of patients

Job Requirements

  • Age: None
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree, or a combination of experience and education from which comparable education has been acquired.
  • Experience: Relevant field experience, with supervisory and administrative skills demonstrated in a similar position preferred.

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Middlebury Regional EMS
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