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Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Butler Medical Transport - Owings Mills, Maryland

Application Deadline:

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Operations Supervisor, the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) will respond to pre-scheduled and ASAP transport calls to provide efficient and immediate care to the critically ill and injured, and to transport the patient to a medical facility or private residence. Prior to initiating patient care, the EMT-B will also "size-up" the scene to determine: the scene is safe; the mechanism of injury or nature of illness; the total number of patients; and to request additional help, if necessary (i.e.: lift assist or higher level of care provider needed). The EMT-B determines the nature and extent of illness or injury and establishes priority for required care. Additionally, they will render emergency medical, basic medical or trauma care, to adults, children and infants based on assessment findings. As per MIEMSS protocol, they will: constantly assess the patient en-route to the medical facility; administer additional care as indicated or directed by medical control; assist in lifting and carrying the patient out of the ambulance and into the receiving medical facility; report verbally and in writing their observation of medical care provided to the patient at the scene (patient side)and in transit to the receiving medical facility staff for purposes of records and diagnostics; upon request provides assistance to the receiving medical facility staff. Patient Care Reports (PCR’s) will be completed after each and every transport. The EMT-B will properly document in the PCR the patient’s vitals, pertinent billing information, the collection of 3 signatures (acceptance of patient transport, HIPPA or NPP and receiving transport), interventions and the narrative to include SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) notes. As a driver for BLS units, the EMT-B will comply with the Zoll Road Safety Standards during all transports. The driver will have had an EVOC course with BMT or any outside facility and pass the driving evaluations given by BMT during orientation.

Additional Information

  • Graduation from high school or equivalent.
  • Has a current healthcare provider level CPR certification from the AHA.
  • Has current MD EMT-B certification.
  • Has a current DC EMT-B certification or is able to obtain within 30 days of hire.
  • Has current EVOC certification or ability to obtain.
  • Pass a driving history check.
  • Pass background investigation.
  • Pass a pre-employment drug screen, and all subsequent random or for cause drug screening.

Job Requirements

  • Age: : 18
  • Education: : HS Diploma or Equivalent
  • Experience: : None

Contact Informaton


Butler Medical Transport
Owings Mills, Maryland
phone: 203-817-2152

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