Paramedics hike 6 flights of stairs, carry patient after elevator breaks

The paramedics carried a special patient transfer chair up six flights of stairs to get to a man after arriving at his apartment to find the elevator was broken

By EMS1 Staff

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A paramedic crew who responded to a medical emergency only to find the elevator was broken hiked six flights of stairs and carried a patient down to the ambulance. reported the crew carried a special patient transfer chair up the stairs, carried the 66-year-old patient down to the ambulance and transported him to the hospital.

After the man was released from the hospital, his daughter arrived back at his apartment and was forced to call the paramedics again after she realized she had no way to get him up the stairs.

The paramedics returned and used the special chair to get him back to his apartment.

"I didn't realize how much we depended on that elevator until we couldn't use it," the daughter said. "I don't want a repeat of Monday for my dad or anyone else."

The elevator outage has sparked concern for residents who have limited mobility, including seniors and those who aren’t able to get up the stairs.

"If you operate a high rise, maintaining a working elevator is part of the cost of doing business," the daughter said. "If the elevator continues to be a problem, you replace the elevator."

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