Okla. EMS providers receive national awards

Kristen Bias and Brandt Hiler received the national Star of Life award from the American Ambulance Association

By Abigail Hall
Muskogee Phoenix

WASHINGTON — Two Muskogee County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) officers traveled to Washington, D.C., to receive national awards in professional excellence.

Kristen Bias and Brandt Hiler received the national Star of Life award from the American Ambulance Association. Bias and Hiler are two of 100 American EMS professionals to receive awards.

In addition to receiving the national Star of Life award, Bias will be honored by Oklahoma Ambulance Association (OKAMA) as their 'star' Oklahoman representative.

Bias said she was shocked and proud to discover she would be recognized at a national level.

Bias has been an EMS professional for three years. She took the initial EMS class certification while in nursing school, after which she decided to pursue becoming a paramedic as a career and received her advanced certification.

"It was a lot more challenging and interactive with the patients than just being in the hospital," Bias said. "I just enjoy it. It's a lot of fun."

Hiler has been a paramedic for 11 years. He said his time and experience at Muskogee County EMS is what set him apart to receive the award.

"It's a big honor to get an award like that," Hiler said.

Bias and Hiler also received the state Star of Life award from Oklahoma Ambulance Association in May. Bias and Hiler were two out of 15 Oklahoma EMS professionals to be recognized.

The state and national awards are annually presented to paramedics, emergency medical technicians and other emergency workers who exemplify commitment to patients, clinical quality and service.

Mechele Cruz, Muskogee County EMS community relations spokeswoman, said she feels privileged to have two of her service's employees recognized.

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Congratulations to Paramedic Brandt Hiler and AEMT Kristen Bias! Brandt and Kristen were presented with the Star of Life...

Posted by Muskogee County EMS on Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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