Paramedic recalls responding to deadly vehicle crash

Zachary Campbell said he dragged a woman 30 feet after she had been completely pinned in the vehicle

By EMS1 Staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A paramedic who witnessed a vehicle crash while he was driving on the highway jumped into action to save the victims.

WCNC reported that Zachary Campbell saw a car collide into a van when he was exiting the highway and pulled over to help.

"Got out of the car and everything just kicked right in," Campbell said. "I ran up to the car and pulled the passenger out. I got him on the ground. He was alert and oriented. Bleeding to the head, but I think he was more concerned about the driver.”

Campbell said he tried to get the driver out, but she was completely pinned and he needed assistance.

"[The driver] was lying sideways," he said. "I couldn't get her seat belt off, I yelled at someone with a knife.

Campbell said the van began smoking, so he and another bystander dragged the driver around 30 feet to safety.

Officials said one person died in the crash, but did not specify who it was. Three other people were transported to the hospital, two of whom are being treated for life-threatening injuries.


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