Paramedic saves choking plane passenger mid-flight

Jason Williams cleared the woman's airway after lying her down in the aisle with the help of her husband and the airline staff

By EMS1 Staff

CARDIFF, Wales — A paramedic on his way to a family vacation saved a choking plane passenger mid-flight.

Daily Post reported that Welsh Ambulance Service paramedic Jason Williams was on a plane to Cuba with his family when he noticed an emergency unfolding.

“We were a couple of hours into the flight when one of the flight attendants went past our row with a first aid kit, and that’s when I noticed a commotion a couple of rows down,” Williams said. “I went and introduced myself, explained that I was a paramedic and then took my seat again. A few moments later, I was asked to help.”

Williams said he cleared the passenger's airway after lying her down in the aisle with the help of her husband and the staff, and “gave her some oxygen and monitored her vitals.”

The woman regained consciousness, and a planned emergency landing in New York was canceled just minutes before the pilot was set to descend.

“Thankfully the patient, who had a history of faints, made a full recovery and continued her journey to her holiday, albeit she was very embarrassed about what had just unfolded,” Williams said. “I’m just glad I could be of help.”


Off duty paramedic Jason Williams has recalled how he saved the life of a choking passenger mid-flight to Cuba. Full story 👉

Posted by Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust on Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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