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Paramedics thank cop for helping in canal rescue

When paramedics arrived, the officer was holding the man’s head above water after jumping into the canal to save him

By EMS1 Staff

GILBERT, Ariz. — Paramedics thanked a police officer for helping save a man’s life after he fell into a canal.

12 News reported that paramedic Ernie Magoffie responded to a water rescue call after a person’s scooter rolled into a canal.

Magoffie said that when he and his crew arrived, police officer Jim Dana was already on the scene. He had jumped into the canal and was holding the patient’s head above water.

In an email, Magoffie said that Officer Dana kept the patient calm and helped to get him to a ladder the crew had placed in the water. The patient was unable to place his feet on the ladder, so Officer Dana helped him reach and the crew got the man out of the canal by using the ladder as a fulcrum.

Magoffie said he thinks the Officer Dana may have saved the patient’s life.

"The actions of Officer Dana need to be recognized as I am certain the outcome of our patient would have most definitely been a recovery instead of a save," Magoffie wrote to Gilbert Police Department. He added that ice cream would be waiting for him if Officer Dana ever visited the station.

"Detective Dana is the real deal," Sgt. Paula Krueger responded. "It is no surprise to me that he would place himself in a dangerous situation to save a life. He has served the Gilbert Police Department for over 20 years."

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