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Medic reunited with patient 1 year after saving his life

The 19-year-old slammed his car into a tree and was in a coma; medic Jason Budlong thought he would be in a vegetative state forever and is happy to be wrong


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Almost a year to the day his car slammed into a tree and flipped upside down on the East Longmeadow Police Department’s lawn, Michael Speight finally meets Jason Budlong, the AMR paramedic he credits with saving his life. It turns out that Budlong has been thinking about him too.

“For the past year it was, ‘This poor kid’. This 19-year-old kid. You would see it and be sad. So it’s a very nice turnaround for him to come in,” Budlong smiled.

Speight is grateful that he’s here to do so.  “They had to take my spleen out, traumatic brain injury, broken collar bone, broken shoulder, right shoulder, broken eye socket,” recalled Speight.

“I was genuinely shocked. My prognosis from 20 years of doing this, I was like, uh this isn’t good. I honestly expected him to be on a ventilator on a vegetative state forever,” Budlong stated. After the accident, Speight was a coma for two and a half weeks. Doctors had the same prognosis Jason did, until he woke up.

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