Top 5 EMS videos of January 2013

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A little boy sick with leukemia gets the chance to speak with one of his favorite superheroes and a harrowing rescue of a toddler from a sunken car feature in this month's top EMS videos.

A lucky baby flung from a car who dodges death twice and a heartwarming video of a man helping his recovering sweetheart round out the most popular videos in the EMS community for January.

'Batman' calls little boy battling leukemia

Actor Christian Bale called the little boy, a huge Batman fan, to talk superheroes and the Batmobile. 



Toddler rescued from submerged car

A first-person camera captures the rescue of two women and a young child being airlifted to safety.


Truck flips and narrowly misses crushing motorcyclist

A huge truck trying to navigate a turn suddenly falls on its side, missing a waiting motorcylist by mere inches. 


Baby flung from car, escapes death twice

A dash-cam captures the terrifying moment when a baby is thrown from a crashed car and is almost hit by a truck.


Man teaches girlfriend alphabet after brain damage

After suffering a stroke, this woman's boyfriend dedicates every morning to teaching her to read. 


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