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Off-duty medic pulls man from fiery car wreck

Andrew Cortez said his instincts just kicked in

SAN ANTONIO — An off-duty Texas paramedic is being hailed as a hero after he pulled a man from a fiery car crash and saved his life.

Andrew Cortez was on the highway when he saw another driver crash into the center divide causing the vehicle to catch fire, according to WOAI.

Cortez rushed over to the wreck and broke the car's window and pulled the man to safety. He said that his "instincts kicked in."

After getting the man a safe distance away from the wreck, Cortez began performing CPR when an unidentified Good Samaritan came to help.

"He wasn't responding," Cortez said. "He wasn't breathing. I checked him and he didn't have a pulse."

Cortez and the Good Samaritan continued CPR until an ambulance arrived.

The 57-year-old victim is now at the hospital in stable condition

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