Made in N o r w a y . . ! Just like Asmund Laerdal !

What is the future made of ? ( Hint: "Free" Healt-Care from pregnancy - Grave. "Free" Edukation, From pre school to universety. Laerdal Medical is a Norwegian company, nothing to do with Sweeden, like this EMS1 article wrongly state..! Truth: the company expanded its line of products to include realistic wound simulations and other rubber first aid materials. Laerdal's CPR training manikin 'Resusci Anne' is widely used throughout the world. In the US it is called 'CPR Annie', since it serves as the main training tool for modern (mouth-to-mouth method) CPR. 'Resusci Anne' was developed by Peter Safar and Asmund Laerdal, with contributions by James Elam. The company was started in 1940 by Aasmund Sigurd Laerdal in Stavanger, Norway. ExEMTNor

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