How to make scene safety a core part of every EMS response

Review your safety practices and EMT training in the wake of the stabbing attack on a Boston EMT in the back of an ambulance

During what news accounts portray as a routine transport to the hospital by Boston EMS, a 31-year-old female patient “became unruly” in the back of the ambulance and attacked the EMT caring for her, stabbing her multiple times.

The EMT’s partner was able to stop the ambulance and help stop the attack but was also assaulted with some form of a pepper spray that the patient apparently had. The EMT that was stabbed had surgery to treat her wounds and is recovering. The EMT that was exposed to the pepper spray was treated at the hospital and released.

Top takeaways from attack on Boston EMS EMT

This is unfortunately our new reality. These violent actions are often related to mental health issues or substance abuse, but attacks on EMS providers by the very people we are trying to help are becoming all too common. It is time that we make safety a core part of every response. Here are my top takeaways from this event.


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