Video: Angry driver screams obscenities at paramedic for blocking street

The driver called the female paramedic an “f---ing idiot” for not putting her hazard lights on

By EMS1 Staff

CHESHIRE, England — A video emerged of a man screaming obscenities at a paramedic for blocking a street.

Daily Mail reported that the man is shown arguing with a female paramedic that she should have put signs out as drivers were unaware that the ambulance was in the way.

When the paramedic replies, “Well, open your eyes,” the man’s anger grows and he calls her an “f---ing idiot” for not putting her hazard lights on.

“Go do your f----ing job properly,” the man adds before driving away.

“How do you find the words to comment on the actions of this individual when crews are treating someone who could have been in a life critical condition?” a North West Ambulance spokesperson said. “This man needs to ask himself how he would feel if it was his grandparent, mom, dad or child that we were treating, would he be happy that we waste precious time searching for a better parking space? Our staff work day and night to save lives, and do not deserve abuse from anyone for something as trivial as blocking a minor road.”

The video has been viewed on Facebook more than a million times. Police said the incident is currently under investigation.


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