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Intoxicated brothers punch medic, claim beer was poisoned

They were verbally abusive to a female paramedic and punched her male colleague in the groin after calling for an ambulance, saying their lager had been spiked

Mirror News

WITHINGTON, England — Two boozy brothers who punched a paramedic in a drunken attack blamed 'poisoned beer' for the shameful incident.

Michael, 53, and Anthony Donnelly, 52, dialled 999 claiming their lager had been spiked at a pub in Withington. Three ambulance staff raced to the Wilmslow Road venue at 4am and found the pair ‘significantly intoxicated’ but otherwise unharmed, a court heard.

Both men were then verbally abusive to a female paramedic. And when her male colleague squatted down to reason with the brothers, Michael Donnelly punched him in the groin, winding him.

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