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Tips to become a published EMS author

Updated April 13, 2015

There are more opportunities than ever to become a published writer. Most authors, both within and outside of EMS, will tell you the key to becoming published is to write, and write often. Then write some more.

Kick-off your writing career by:

1. Starting a blog.

Use a free blogging tool like Blogger or WordPress. For your blog:

  • Write a regular post of 150 to 500 words a few days a week.
  • Write about things that interest you. It does not have to be EMS. Maybe you are interested in hunting, fishing, racing, or scrapbooking. Write about what you know and what you care about.
  • Share ideas, resources, and experiences in your blog posts.
  • Visit the blogs of other writers that share your interests.
  • Comment on the blog posts of other EMS authors.

2. Regularly microblogging.

Create your own Twitter account and become a microblogger. Tweets are limited to 140 characters which forces concise writing, question asking, and resource sharing.

3. Contribute articles to local, regional, state, or state organization newsletters.

Contact the editor for article ideas. Or submit articles that are timely. For example, May is National Stroke Awareness month. Submit a short article on recognizing stroke symptoms to the newsletter of your local senior activity center — a timely and helpful contribution.

4. Meet magazine and website content editors at conferences.

Ask for their article ideas for future issues. Suggest new or different angles on commonly featured topics like medical, cardiac, trauma, or environmental emergencies.

5. Contribute to EMS1. 

Submit a news story or article idea to EMS1. EMS1 welcomes fellow paramedics who can clearly and concisely communicate concepts and ideas through the written word. We also promote healthy and respectful discussion about topics within the industry. Generally, EMS1 reviews a potential submission and provides feedback about its content and style to the author. If after revision we feel it’s strong we post the article and promote it on our social channels and newsletters.

Share your EMS blog or Twitter account address with EMS1 readers in the comments area to increase your readership.

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