Paramedic sings about what it means to be an 'ambulance driver'

Maddie Marie Shively’s video was shared hundreds of times on Facebook

MESA, Ariz. — A paramedic’s song about what it means to be an "ambulance driver" is going viral on social media.

Maddie Marie Shively posted the video of her singing and playing the ukulele on Facebook. The song resonated with many EMTs and paramedics, who shared the video hundreds of times.

Shively, a paramedic for Southwest Ambulance, sings about common EMS misconceptions and everyday EMS profession challenges. From not receiving the same benefits and recognition as firefighters and police officers, to being paid less than burger flippers, Shively shares what being a paramedic means.

She writes, "Little song I wrote the other day while cruising around Mesa. I'm not a good singer or songwriter but I thought this was a funny way to show people what we 'ambulance drivers' actually do."

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