Neumitra presents smartwatch to measure and mitigate responder stress

The technology measures stress levels in real time and helps prevent further stress

Neumitra is a technology created to measure stress, through wearable technology, in real time.

Presented at the EMERGE Demo Day in San Francisco on Sept. 23, 2015, the tech startup’s goal is to measure the levels of stress and alert the users so that they can prevent further stress.

The device, integrated into a smartwatch, was created by neuroscientist Robert Goldberg, who, as part of the EMERGE Accelerating Wearable Tech for First Responders program, wanted to target one of the main problems people face today – stress.

(Neumitra image)
(Neumitra image)

Stress drives performance down and costs up in operations and resources. Goldberg said stress causes $150 billion a year in decreased productivity.

The device receives high-quality data throughout the day and transmits it to the users’ mobile devices, so that they can understand what causes them stress. The user is also alerted through a vibration when their stress level is rising.

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