Walmart debuts product to help dispose of unused opioids

DisposeRx turns any form of opioid into a biodegradable gel that is impossible to convert back into a consumable drug

By EMS1 Staff

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A newly-released product from Walmart makes it easier to dispose of opioid drugs by making them impossible to use.

In a press release, Walmart said they have begun selling DisposeRx, which is an FDA-approved product that mixes with water and turns any form of an opioid into a biodegradable gel that is impossible to convert back into a drug that can be used.

"The health and safety of our patients is a critical priority; that's why we're taking an active role in fighting our nation's opioid issue – an issue that has affected so many families and communities across America," Consumables and Health and Wellness executive vice president Marybeth Hays said in a statement.

Walmart said patients who receive opioid prescriptions will be given DisposeRx free of charge, and existing customers can request a packet at any time.

Critics of DisposeRx say that such a product is unnecessary because prescription holders can simply flush their unused pills down the toilet, as the CDC already encourages people to do.

"The problem is the general public just doesn't know that," Dr. Andrew Kolodny said. "Think about it. Every time someone taking an opioid medication urinates or defecates, it gets into the water supply. So that's not the real problem. It's nice that they're trying but it will have little impact."

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