Former paramedic works to train community for disasters

Jake Drumm created Drumm Emergency Solutions to provide people with classes and kits so they can be prepared to treat injuries before first responders arrive

By EMS1 Staff

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — A former paramedic is on a mission to prepare community members for disaster situations by equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to save lives.

WJHL reported that former paramedic Jake Drumm, who is now a Quillen College of Medicine instructor, said the recent string of mass shootings prompted him to find a way to teach his wife, a school teacher, what to do if she were to be involved in such an incident.

"People are starting to realize how this could be my family member, this could be me, it could be my kid," Drumm said.

Drumm created Drumm Emergency Solutions as a way to provide classes and kits to community members so they know what to do to help injured people in the crucial minutes before first responders arrive.


Another day, another custom project. Building kits for the civilian market is fun and challenging. Trying to think...

Posted by Drumm Emergency Solutions on Sunday, February 4, 2018


"Somebody can bleed out within three minutes and no matter where you are, if you're in East Tennessee it's hard for a police car or a fire truck or ambulance to get to you within three minutes,” Drumm said.

Drumm said his student count greatly increased within 24 hours of the recent Florida school shooting.

The classes include lessons on stopping the bleeding of an injury, applying tourniquets and keeping yourself safe. Drumm said he teaches in a basic way that even kindergarteners could understand.

Pediatric Application

D.E.S. Bleeding Response Kits are specifically designed for the lay person. Simple, Intuitive and highly effective, the BRK is built around the proven technology of the SWAT-T tourniquet. This provides an enormous advantage in that this kit fits all demographics, including small children and canines. The Bleeding Response Kit from Drumm Emergency Solutions is trully a one size fits all solution to Stop the Bleed. #stopthebleed #stopthebleeding WWW.DRUMMEMERGENCYSOLUTIONS.COM

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"We really underrate what children are capable of you know most kids that you're going to run across want to find a solution, they want to be a part of the total answer," Drumm said. "My daughter has one of these kits right now with her in her backpack.”

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