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Built Exclusively for EMS, VRpatients is an online virtual clinical training application that immerses users into virtual clinical case scenarios where they can interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real-time. Available online or in full immersive virtual reality using a VR headset, it's real life training without real life consequences. Visit www.vrpatients.com or email contact@vrpatients.com for more information.

VRpatients™ is a pro-level VR sim builder that puts EMS Educators in the driver’s seat. With VRpatients™ you can provide clinical and field experiences for students that meet national standards set by NREMT and fulfill accreditation requirements identified by CoAEMSP. The VRpatients™ tool is CAPCE ready; build immersive simulations and offer unparalleled CEU training distinctive to your accredited institution. Our simulations represent a diverse population and are physiologically responsive to successful interventions, incorrect treatments, or student inaction. Design your sims and remotely deploy ALS or BLS assignments ensuring students never see the same patient twice. Exceed your predefined competency standards and give students an unparalleled simulation experience in virtual reality or via their web browser.

VRpatients™ allows the EMS Educator to objectively assess EMS students to ensure competency and consistent training on local protocols and national guidelines. Increase your efficiency and reduce costs by training faster - anywhere, anytime. Our Customer Success Team will support your virtual simulation needs and engage your staff at no extra cost. We also include VRpatients™ University, which provides asynchronous video tutorials to ensure your staff’s success. Do not rely on civilian game designers to build single use simulations for tens of thousands of dollars. The VRpatients™ pricing model is simple, scalable, and affordable; no nickel and diming. No extra fees to customize your own cases. No extra fees to duplicate and change cases. No extra fees for product upgrades. You get it all. Request a demo or call us to learn how we can turn your organization into an immersive training provider today

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