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Priority Ambulance Leadership Foundation
23200 N. Pima Road, Suite 210
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Our mission is to provide educational and mentoring opportunities to future leaders in the EMS industry and educate the public in basic life-saving techniques and practices. 

The Priority Ambulance Leadership Foundation supports professionals currently practicing in EMS and promising leaders outside of the industry who seek a career in the emergency medical industry.

To foster the growth of strong leadership within the EMS industry, the Foundation selects applicants who show strong character and management potential to participate in a program that provides formal and informal training and education in all key areas of the ambulance industry. A mentorship program led by ambulance company owners and respected leaders in the ambulance industry also provides participants with valuable insights and support.

We are also committed to taking actions that will benefit emergency medical service personnel through public education and training. We honor this commitment by providing training to the general public in basic emergency medical techniques and lifesaving skills, which may be deployed to assist others in distress until professional help arrives.

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