EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.

EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.
2540 Empire Drive, Suite 100
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone: (706) 643-4613

EMS|MC is the largest billing services provider focused exclusively on emergency medical services in the U.S. With this level of specialization, we have built a team of dedicated, industry-leading experts with unprecedented experience to maximize your EMS revenue. To put it simply, we know EMS.

At EMS|MC our priorities are clear: to employ a compliant, accurate and efficient system to manage an increasingly complex billing process while maximizing your revenue. EMSmart™ is EMS|MC‘s proprietary, intelligent claims processing platform that delivers the industry’s best rules-based process automation, while still maintaining human judgement at appropriate points in the claims process. This results in near-perfect claim quality, comprehensive compliance adherence, and maximized collections.

Crew Analysis is our proprietary crew data/reporting system, which will be available through our EMSight™ portal. This unmatched management tool will provide quantitative and comparable data on crew member documentation practices (i.e. signature capture, insurance information, etc.) which enable the best billing results, allowing for further targeted training where needed and recognition of great performance where identified among crew members.  

EMS|MC is based in Winston-Salem, NC and serves over 240 clients across the United States, processing over 1.8 million claims per year. For over 24 years, our high-quality service, results and customer-centric approach have set the standard in professional EMS billing. Our emphasis on patient satisfaction and client customization enables us to fulfill our mission of providing value-added, innovative financial services that enhance the delivery of a cost-effective EMS system.

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