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AngelTrack is your all-in-one Cloud-based EMS software solution. With advanced features like the NEMSIS 3.4 ePCR, CAD with an integrated live map, and a full ET3 compliant billing suite, the system offers your company State-of-the-Art applications. Additionally, Crew and Fleet scheduling and maintenance applications interface with an HR system that includes Contracts and Sales, and tracks Crew Hours and generates Payroll.

Because AngelTrack is fully Cloud-based, it offers the user a self-contained experience as any device with a functional web browser can use the system, with no installation. Our pricing structure is simplistic and below that of many of our competitors, but that's because as former EMS owners, we understand the importance of "the bottom line," especially in today's market.

Visit our website now and schedule a free demo in order to experience the many features our software offers your business. And then, contact us with any questions...we will be there to give you answers. In-the-Cloud Software for EMS Systems. Because we understand you have software needs, and AngelTrack has the solution.

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