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Most EMS professionals share the desire to help those in need. They want to have the opportunity to save lives and protect the community. Though the idealistic view of the job can vary from the realistic work they must do, dangers, stress and long hours can contribute to low job satisfaction and productivity. GoalSpan's performance journaling allows you to continuously capture and document performance feedback throughout the year so your organization can meet objectives and drive exceptional results from your workforce.

• Recognize and document an EMS employee's achievements and strengths, as well as, poor performance and coaching opportunities

• Gain new information and ideas from EMS professionals to create solutions reflective of your organization's mission

• Establish a forum for EMS employees and superiors to discuss and exchange internal information

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, accessible and responsive to the unique needs of our clients. GoalSpan is not just performance management software; we are helping Public Safety organizations focus on serving the public rather than administrative burdens.

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