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Community paramedicine service launched by Grady EMS

Enhanced EMS System aims to reduce hospital readmissions for chronically ill and frequent 911 users

ATLANTA — Grady EMS partnered with Home Physician Care to start a new community paramedicine service to reduce hospital readmissions for chronically ill and frequent 911 users.

The service, called Enhanced EMS System, began a phased roll-out in October and aims to have full implementation into Atlanta’s system early next year.

The new program is an answer to the growing patient population who use 911 as a way to access health care.

"It’s a win-win-win for patients, EMS providers and hospitals," said Dixon Marlow, president of Home Physician Care. "Enhanced EMS can be a powerful new tool for patient wellness in communities nationwide."

Doctors and EMS providers participating in the program will be able to manage blood draws, suture minor wounds, write or change prescriptions and provide various diagnostic lab tests in the patient’s home.

Through the program, patients will avoid costly trips to the ER, and Grady EMS will be able to keep its ambulances available for real emergencies.

Grady’s Mobile Care Team will make scheduled and unscheduled home visits to patients who use the 911 service five or more times in a month. The visits will be used to connect patients to needed resources, assist in the care of their chronic condition, provide patient education, perform fall risk assessment and reconnect them with primary care to decrease their dependence on the 911 system and emergency department.

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