Iowa emergency services delivers bottled water amid boil advisory

Members of the Forest City Ambulance Service delivered water to elderly and disabled members of the community due to flooded roads

By EMS1 Staff

FOREST CITY, Iowa — Emergency services delivered bottled water to elderly and disabled citizens amid flooding, dangerous roads and a boil advisory.

KIMT 3 reported that members of Forest City Ambulance Service delivered bottled water after the town experienced flooding, which damaged roads and forced city officials to place a boil advisory in place for fear of unsafe drinking water.

“Today we just went to the point where we were knocking on doors of apartment buildings that we knew had a lot of elderly residents,” Dale Rayhons, Forest City’s paramedic supervisor and service director, said.

The residents were shocked and pleased, Rayhons said.

“It was like a kid on Christmas morning – bringing them a present,” Rayhons said. “They couldn’t thank us enough, there was even one that wanted to tip the person that delivered, but yeah, they welcomed us in and sat it where they wanted it.”

The gratitude prompted Rayhons to think about how emergency services could help in the future when incidents arise.

“It kind of opens our eyes about what we should do different down the road,” he said. “Whether we have points of contact, have a volunteer that keeps track of maybe 15-20 individuals within their social group … maybe at church or nursing groups.

As of the weekend. FCAS crews delivered between 100 and 150 cases of bottled water.


ATTENTION: Forest City Residence/Family's of elderly or shut ins. FCAS will be involved in delivering bottle water to...

Posted by Forest City Ambulance Service on Friday, March 15, 2019


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